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Conception Our Mission Art, Accesible Discover and Support Living Artists Authenticity Guaranteed Our collective was born out of pure love for admiring and collecting art. Our mission is to bring quality art into people’s homes and everyday lives through closely collaborating with the best emerging and contemporary artists around the globe. Design Our Mission Art, Accesible Discover and Support Living Artists Authenticity Guaranteed Whilst other industries are making a transition into the digital world, admittedly, the visual arts sector is somewhat lacking behind. Which is why we have set out to make art more accessible through connecting artists and art collectors closer together within the online realm.

Visitors can browse, inspect and purchase the work from our artists with just the click of a finger. Behind the scenes, we ensure that every art piece in our catalogue is documented to highest possible standard, maintaining quality of image, and striving to provide you with the best art viewing experience. We have now taken this a step further, through incorporating AR technology into our store which allows visitors to view any art piece in their space of choice using their smartphone camera device - this is signified by the 'View in AR' button / QR code beside each piece.
Consulting Our Mission Art, Accesible Discover and Support Living Artists Authenticity Guaranteed When purchasing an art piece through blankspace®, you are supporting an artist in the process, enabling them to further their career and make a living as an artist. You can find out more and connect with all of our artists using the artist profile section. Simply click on their name beside one of their pieces or use the browse by artist menu. Photography Our Mission Art, Accesible Discover and Support Living Artists Authenticity Guaranteed Authenticity and anti-forgery in art are at the forefront of our focus, which is why we have partnered up with Artory, the blockchain based art registry, to provide collectors with the assurance that we done our due diligence to ensuree authenticity across all the art we sell or rent.

Each piece of artwork we sell or rent is registered and certified on the secure Artory network, where it is linked to a permanent unique ID. Here collectors can track the artworks provenance and value over time. This also greatly benefits the artist, for example when their work is resold and they are due commission. To find out more about Artory and how you can join their global network of art collectors, click here.
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Slide Are you a public facing business? Is your working environment a bit uninspiring? We can turn your blank, boring space into a vibrant welcoming environment!

It is said that humans form first impressions within just 7 seconds. Therefore, it is crucial to make a positive impact when your customers enter your space. Exhibiting art really helps to make a lasting impression.
Slide Featuring art in your workplace can also be a great way to create a positive atmosphere for your employees.

According to research, fostering a positive work culture is essential in motivating your team, increasing productivity and retaining your staff, and art can be instrumental in achieving this. We work closely with businesses, offering exclusive commissioned pieces, unique to your establishment.
Art for Business

Slide CONNECT CONNECT Get in touch We work closesly with businesses, offering exclusive comissioned pieces, unique to your establishment. Please get in touch with us below to discuss a project and find out how we can reinvent your blank space! [email protected]
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